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The sperm whale is the largest toothed whale and lives in pods. It grows to be about 50 feet (15 m) long. It lives at the surface but dives very deeply to catch the...

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The meaning or purpose of lobtailing is unknown, but may be done as a warning to the rest of the pod or as some other type of communication. Lobules with cysts that contain late spermatids lSt with final elongation of the nucleus on the head h... Spermatogenesis occurs in the testes and is maintained by a stem cell population, the spermatogonia, which permit constant supplies of abundant male gametes. In: David O Norris. These cells present cyclic morpho-physiological changes according to the stage of spermatogenesis. Sperm whales have the largest head of any animal.

search sperma mature longest

Cephalic region of the testis of Ambystoma dumerilii with primary and secondary spermatogonia. Science Publishers, Enfield: NH:USA:. The basal body is formed by a dense ring around the distal centriole. In: David O Norris. They also eat fishoctopusand skate. Scanning electron microscopy of some salamander spermatozoa. Listen to a sperm whale Information Sheets About Whales and other cetaceans Just click on a cetacean's name to go to that information sheet.

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In: Thiesmeier Greven HB. Trans Royal Society Edinburgh. Sperm whales are considered an endangered species. Arenas MI, Royuela M, Lobo MVT, Alfaro JM, Fraile B, Paniagua R. US National Library of Medicine. After completion of spermiogenesis, the cysts open and spermatozoa are released from Sertoli cell in a process termed spermiation. Seasonal changes in the newt, Trituroides hongkongenesis testis. Uribe MCA, GÓMEZ RÍOS G, LÓPEZ ARRIAGA C..